Based on over 800 reviews of 293 apps by our international team of judges, the following projects were selected as finalists. We have reproduced the descriptions of the apps as submitted to the judges (with minor edits to preserve privacy). Apps are listed alphabetically within a track, i.e. order is not significant based on the first round of judging.

Over the next few days, the MIT App Inventor team will more thoroughly view these finalists to determine the top three apps for each track.

Table of Contents:

Track: Youth


Background for APP :

Until Coronavirus eradicates, Covid-19 continues to be reported among the community. Fortunately, in most of the Covid Positive instances, people experience mild symptoms and will recover without special treatment and are considered to be in the low-risk group. Health Authorities recommend home isolation for 15 Days for the low-risk groups to avoid further spread in the community.

Need in Community:

During this 15 Days of the isolation period, monitoring of the vital parameters of Temperature, Heart Rate, and Saturation on the regular basis is important for recovery. So that the health care provider evaluates the health status and advice on further treatment. This App helps community people in isolation to record the vital parameters and enables them to share the details in real-time with the health care provider. Further, this app will help to keep track of the vital parameters of the day over the isolation period.

App Overview:

The App, CoviSelfMonitor –Your companion in Isolation is easy to use App to record and share vital parameters. This app is developed on MIT Inventor and it uses redistributable extensions. APP Features:

• Simple & Easy to use • Tabs based layout for Day Entry • Data saved locally; No external Database • Graphical representation of Day parameters for Visualization of Day’s recording • Friendly PDF format generation. • Linked to Email Clients for easy sharing • Quick View of Day’s High & Low Vitals

App Details:

The first time you walk in, the App asks to enter the individual’s name and Health care provider email id and prompts to start monitoring. This creates “MonitorBoard”, a dynamic tab-based calendar period for 15 days. On Short press on the Day Tab, the app opens the new user-interactive “Vital Parameter” screen to enter the parameters of Oxygen Saturation, Heart Pulse Rate, and Body Temperature.

On entering the vitals, these are displayed in three separate graphs along with all the day’s vital entries in the “Your Vitals” Screen. Each graph represents the Oxygen Saturation, Heart Pulse Rate, and Body Temperature along with the day’s trend line. A feature of baseline of the normal range is available in the graph assesses quickly. Upon clicking the view button, these stored data will be shown in a tabular form and is ready to be shared in a pdf format. On clicking the share button, the pdf will be embedded with a proper filename (Username Vital Parameter as on MM-DD-YY.pdf) and proper subject line for easy identification by the recipient in the email client and is ready to share with the health care provider for their evaluation.

Next time you enter, you will be welcomed with a splash screen and directly enter to the MonitorBoard for entering the parameters. You can Short Press to enter the vital parameter. Also here Long press to see the Day’s High & Low which helps to track the parameter over the period.
Additional features like the disabled future days, the locked previous day for the data entry are provided to make user friendly.

There is a “Setting” button on the “MonitorBoard” screen, which facilitates to modify the Individual Name and Email of Health Care Provider email. This screen also has a reset facility that will reset the saved data that can be used to erase all data after isolation completes

Theme: Community Computational Action

End Hunger

India is one of the world’s largest food producers. Ironically, the country is also home to the largest population of hungry people and one-third of the world’s malnourished children. The Global Hunger Index ranks India 102nd among 117 countries.

The course of the COVID-19 pandemic has made these conditions worse. The virus has disrupted global and local food systems, and India’s poor and hungry are being affected worse than ever. And thinking about this I created my app on the topic Computational Action App

My application works on the principle of crowdsourcing. The user has two options: either he/she can donate or they can find people who need food . If the user finds any needy person then he/she can report it to my app and after that and if any user wants to donate they will see a list of people who need food, then can select whom they want to donate and then on the map they will see the navigation path from there place to the needy person location This app highlights the needs of the underprivileged groups of people. It alerts the public and brings the joy of sharing amidst our blessing. My app helps to bridge the gap between those who have food and those who don’t.

Theme: Community Computational Action


What is this app all about?

Gut2Brain is an app that strives to help educate teens on the fact that the brain is connected to the gut physically through millions of nerves. Therefore, gut health is important to mental health as gut microbiome and inflammation in the gut can affect the brain and cause symptoms that seem like anxiety and depression. The pandemic has harmed the mental health of teens in the community and most of them got gut related problems. Keeping the gut healthy is critical for the psychological wellbeing of teens.

How does this app work?

This app consists of three components: Gut-Brain, My Gut Feeling, and Resources. The interactive Gut-Brain raises awareness through fun facts of gut brain connectivity. My Gut Feelings allows teens to check their gut health by choosing any gut related symptoms, if any. Gut2Brain suggests potential issues based on symptoms provided, and advises teens to consult with specialized professionals accordingly. There will be generated jokes that can lift your mood. Furthermore, many relevant articles are available on the ‘Resources’ tab.

Why is this app unique?

This app includes many components with multiple screens. Some components include Web, TinyDB, ActivityStarter, as well as four APIs to get gut symptoms and diagnosis from trusted sources, and get relevant news articles from the media. A variety of different features are incorporated. TinyDB stores the data and results that the user entered, while Activity starter helps bring news through the web viewer. A top menu bar in Gut2Brain helps users quickly navigate to different screens.

Theme: Community Computational Action

Health is Wealth

This app is designed for every person who cares and gives priority to his health during and post pandemic world.

This app consists of 7 screens and each screen helps the user to keep in pace with all aspects of physical and mental health. The pedometer screen when switched will help the user to do his daily bit of / jogging/ running and will show the associated benefits of calories burnt miles walked and time spent.

Sun tracker when switched on will help the user to achieve the daily dose of Vitamin D3 to his body this will also show the history and consistency of achieving this .He will get the score of 120 if he completes 10 minutes of exposure to sufficient sunlight but if he spends in lesser exposure it will automatically award the respective badges. So that he can adjust accordingly to his exposure to sunlight.

Diet screen will help him to consciously avoid junk food and increase the appetite for good body friendly intake the algorithm will help him to keep track of how much junk food he has avoided and how good he is in maintaining his health this will keep him in following statuses 1.Excellent 2. Good 3. Fair and 4. Bad. The calculation happens on the last 7 days intake anytime.,

Karma screen is a new concept of making the entire world into a beautiful planet. The Word Karma refers to deeds in Sanskrit so if everyone commits to good deeds if it has a domino effect the entire environment will become good .This screen has the following options for the user to input the hours he spends on the respective causes 1. Time spent with Elders 2. Time spent with orphan kids 3. Time spent to educate socially backward kids 4. Time spent on a good social cause. Once he inputs the hours spent this will keep track of all historical records and enthuse the users to do more good things forever .This will definitely keep his mind healthy and happy.

Breathing screen will help the user to do the 478 breathing exercise as recommended by the WHO the user has to follow the instructions as given in the breathing screen. This will help the user to decrease anxiety, sleep better, manage food cravings and control emotional responses like anger.

If the user feels demotivated because of something, if he opens the inspirational quotes screen It will keep him motivated and inspirational quotes will appear randomly (more than 20 quotes captured here).

Soothing Music : This screen will help the user to link his favorite music to this app and play . This helps him to calm his mind during tensions and this manages all wellness things in one place.

Theme: Community Computational Action


Mental health problems are a major issue, such as those caused by isolation or losing loved ones, especially during the pandemic. Mentallia focuses on users’ mental and physical wellbeing. It is a personal wellbeing journal app that allows people to keep track of what they’ve been doing to maintain their health and use different ways to be happier and achieve their goals. Mentallia uses a point system to keep users motivated and to help others by donating to mental health organizations.

When users open the app, they are brought to a check-in page if they have not already checked in for the day. The check-in page asks them how they are feeling emotionally and physically and why they feel that way. Users can later check their response on the Journal page. After submitting, users are sent to the home page, which provides the app’s five key features.

The Physical Health page allows people to track their exercises, meditation, eating habits, and sleeping habits. Doing so allows them to see what they are doing well and how they might be able to improve their physical health.

On the Goals page, users can make goals by considering the outcome and how they can address potential obstacles to achieving their goals, which makes them more likely to be able to overcome the obstacles and complete the goal. Users can also edit a goal after selecting it in their list of current goals or mark it as done when they finish it. By more officially recognizing their accomplishments, people can increase their happiness.

The Social Connection page allows users to communicate with others and motivate each other to maintain their wellbeing by encouraging each other to have healthy habits or work towards their goals. People can also coordinate healthy activities in their own places, which works for COVID-19, where people can’t always have in-person connections and can instead get their motivation from knowing that someone else is completing a goal at the same time as they are. To join or create a group, people can input their name, the group name, and the group password.

On the Journal page, users can focus on their gratitude, acts of kindness, or general events from their day. In doing so, they can release the stress of negative experiences and focus on the good in their day to increase their happiness. In the long term, users can see how certain social and physical situations affect their wellbeing so they can avoid being under similar conditions in the future.

Mentallia has a points feature that increments every time users complete certain actions, such as work towards their wellbeing and complete goals. The feature is intended to motivate people to be consistent in their efforts to be healthier, happier, and more productive. Users can view how many points they have earned overall, in each category, or on a certain day. Also, through fundraising and sponsorship, people can use their points earned from maintaining their health to help donate money to mental health organizations, like Mental Health America, and help others get better.

If the app were to be further developed, I would add a machine learning aspect so the app could find patterns between certain situations and the users’ wellbeing and give advice on what to do more or less. I would also add a notifications feature where users could choose to receive notifications from the app as reminders to work towards their goals.

Theme: Community Computational Action

Track: Youth Team


According to the American Humane Association, one-third of pets become lost at some point in their lifetime, and close to 10 million pets get lost or stolen in the US every year [1]. The Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families reported that fewer than 23 percent of lost pets in the U.S. are reunited with their owners.

In this project, we developed an Android app, Lost-n-Found, to provide a convenient QR-code facilitated solution to the problem above. Moreover, this app can be used for much broader purposes. For example, it can help prevent elderly family members with neurodegenerative illness or memory issues from getting lost. It can be also used on other important personal belongings (e.g. luggage, laptops, books, notebooks, ski gears, etc.).

As a user of Lost-n-Found, an owner/guardian may register a loved one (let’s call her Ruby) with this app. Only minimum registration information (i.e. Ruby’s basic information, along with the contact information of the owner/guardian) is required, which will be saved to cloudDB. Then a QR-Code will be generated by the app, which shall be printed out along with user instructions and attached to Ruby (collar, wristband, purse, etc.). A unique key for Ruby will also be generated for the registrar, for the data update and map feature. In case the user needs to change contact information (e.g. email, phone number, etc.), he or she can click the “Update Data” button and type in the key to retrieve Rudy’s record saved in cloudDB and update the information accordingly.

If Ruby is lost in the street and the QR-code attached is spotted, one may follow the instructions on the tag and use our Lost-n-Found app’s “Scan QR-Code” button. A QR-Code scanner will be triggered, which will read the code and locate contact information from the CloudDB. Then, Lost-n-Found will allow one to write an email to the owner/guardian of Ruby within the app. At the same time, the current location (latitude, longitude) of Ruby will be saved to CloudDB. Even if that person who scanned Ruby cannot send an email and/or provide any help immediately, the most recent location of Ruby has been saved, which can be accessed by Ruby’s owner/guardian.

The owner/guardian can use the “Map” feature to view the last location where the QR-Code has been scanned. That way, the owner/guardian of Ruby would be able to find her much easier.

Our Lost-n-Found App also allows people to retrieve the contact information including email and possibly phone number, by scanning the QR-code using any QR-scanner readily available, without downloading and installing the MIT AI2 companion App. With this easy-to-use function, Ruby also has a much-increased chance to reunite with her family.

Lost-n-Found is an effortless and highly user-friendly app. It will help us to better protect our loved ones.


Note: Since this app includes QR-code creator extension, it can not be published in the MIT App Inventor Gallery. We are providing the AIA file.

Theme: Community Computational Action


Want to practice calculations? Try this app! This app teaches the user all the essential daily-life calculations, and there аre a variety of practice questions for the users to do. We provide a platform for users to master all of the calculations for daily life.

Well chose questions and fun shop simulation, which gives kids a fun environment to learn. This app allows users to answer calculation questions and earn virtual credits. Virtual credits that the user earns will be based on time to answer the questions. It also allows users to buy sweets in the shop simulation part of the app.


  • Free to use
  • Endless maths challenges
  • Personal account (locally stored)
  • User statistics
  • Virtual shop

Theme: Improving Academics


We hope the elders can improve their life quality via our app ‘NoWorries’, which simplifies difficulties with smartphones and internet technologies. With ‘NoWorries’ app, family members have no worries anymore.

Motivation: We did research and learned that our country has become an aging society since 1993. It has become a more highly senior society after 2018, according to the data from National Development Council. Due to the improvement of medical technology and popular medical resources, elder population has risen for decades. As a result, we hope to change the elder’s life quality with our app and make their lives more convenience and energetic.

Goal: The idea was inspired by a friend of our family who had lost her memory due to illness. Therefore, we tried to design this app to help people in similar situation. There are more and more elderlies who live alone. Therefore, we design our app with three major functions: ‘memory game’, ‘medical’ and ‘life improvement’. A. Homepage: There are five buttons in Homepage which lead to each of the functions. 1、 Profile: If the user has amnesia, they could show this page when they are lost on the streets or need help at the moment. Users can press the ‘see more’ button to edit their profile photo, name, emergency contact, emergency phone number and address. 2、 Memory Game: By using photos of user’s family members or family trip, our memory game function makes user feel warm when they are playing it. Through the memory game, the user can not only practice their memory by choosing the correct answers, but also notify other family members by showing the correctness rates in the data analysis chart. Friends or family members can be alerted if the trend of correctness rates become lower over the time. It indicates that user might start to have amnesia or become illed. 3、 Emergency Call: When the users need help, it’s a shortcut to call the police or family members immediately . B. Health Category 1、 Reminder: Users can add or delete any memo, especially the stuff they may forget or something that hasn’t been done before. 2、 Make An Appointment in hospital: Users are able to select the hospital which they need to make an appointment, On the other hand, it can also help checking the status of the doctor appointment. 3、 Pharmacy Nearby: The App will automatically locate the users and help them find the pharmacy nearby. C. Life Category 1、 Exercise: Searching for some videos or music about exercise help users keep their bodies healthy. 2、 Sleep Music: Lots of users may have sleeping problems, so the app will search sleep music for them. 3、 Transportation Service: The app can arrange the long-term care transportation service via calling the Taipei Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government.

Theme: Community Computational Action


Introduction: TechBuddy@GoldenYears is an interactive, easy to use app that helps senior citizens lead an independent life by informing their family of their well-being, seeking help in case of an emergency through easy clicks, requesting for groceries or medicines via messaging, socializing with family, friends, and support groups, setting remainders for themselves including meal and medicine times as well enjoy a host of wellness activities.

In a post COVID world where senior citizens may be living away from their family, this app is an excellent value to add to help the senior citizen utilize technology to live a comfortable and independent life. It assures the family member of the safety of their loved ones and makes it easy to keep track of the senior citizen’s needs.

App Description: Registration: First Screen of the app that gathers various information regarding the senior citizen. Example: Name, Age, Emergency Contact Details needed to call, message, etc. This has been achieved by Tiny DB, Buttons and Textbox.

Welcome: Allows the Senior Citizen to navigate to the various other screens. It has an inspiring ‘Quote of the Day’ which changes every day (FUTURE RELEASE). The app gives the senior citizen the option to share his/her mood with the caretaker. If his/her mood is negative, the app will send a message to the caretaker so that the caretaker can talk to the senior citizen to help them feel better.

Reminder: Can set reminders through time and date and will sound an alarm when the alarm is set to ring. The Reminders can be anything from simple daily tasks, medicine schedule, birthdays, events etc.

Emergency Button: Calls the registered caretaker and sends a message to the caretaker. This has been achieved by using Phone Caller and Texting Feature.

Ambulance Button: Calls 108 immediately if there is any medical emergency. This has been achieved by using Phone Caller.

Wellness: Allows the Senior Citizen to exercise, do yoga and watch motivational speeches which change every day (FUTURE RELEASE). It takes the senior citizen to another screen where they can follow a video showing them how to do yoga in a game-like levels from beginner to expert. This helps the senior citizen stay fit and healthy.

Medicine: Allows the senior citizen record the list of medicines and its schedule for easy reference. This helps the senior citizen keep track of his/her medicines.

The senior citizen can also store his/her medicine schedule as well as the stock of medicines in hand. The app then deducts based on each day’s medicine consumption from the total to get the current count of medicines available. On reaching zero, the app will ask the senior citizen if he/she would like to contact the care taker to buy or reorder the medicines again. (FUTURE RELEASE)

My Needs: Helps to indicate if the senior citizen requires a purchase to be made for a need. On clicking each category, the senior citizen can respond with a Yes or No to indicate their choice of need. Groceries or Medicines indicate each choice. Then, a message goes to the registered family member indicating the same. The messaging has been achieved by Phone Caller and Texting. This helps in the easy coordination of the Senior Citizen and the Care Taker through remote distances.

The app’s user interface is simple, easy to use and designed to act based on easy yes or no responses. We are hoping that this app will greatly improve the quality of life of the senior citizen as well as provide comfort to the family members who are remotely located.

Theme: City of the Future


Are you a person concerned about the recent surge in wildfires and would like to know which areas are highly impacted? Are you a parent worried about the quality of the air your child will be breathing in? Are you someone who has existing respiratory issues (caused by asthma, post-Covid lung damage, etc.) and aren’t sure whether the air quality that might be safe for a completely healthy person is safe for you? Say no more, Ventus is the perfect app for you! Our app allows you to select a location on a map and see how safe the air quality is for a person with a healthy respiratory system, as well as for a person with an impacted respiratory system. Our app aims to be inclusive for people of all health statuses, and help them deem when and where it is safe to travel, protecting everyone from harmful air quality.

In these unprecedented times of widespread wildfires and a global pandemic disease that impacts your respiratory system, it is now more important than ever to prioritize your respiratory health. To maintain good respiratory health, we need to be conscious of the air we breathe.

Air quality matters to everyone: children, middle-aged adults, and seniors. It also impacts everyone regardless of their current respiratory health. As of now, most air quality apps only communicate either an air quality value without explanation or an air quality safety warning based on their interpretation of the overall respiratory health of their users. It is important to note that air quality does not have a standard impact on everyone. Depending on the status of a person’s respiratory health, certain air qualities can be deemed safe or very damaging. Ventus is an app that aims to help people of all health statuses to decide whether or not they can travel to an area safely based on the area’s air quality.

Functionalities we used:

> Open Weather’s Air Quality API By using Open Weather’s air quality API, we can connect to the nearest monitor station to the selected location and retrieve a static value for the air quality. The static value would be in a range of 1 to 5, with 1 as good, 2 as fair, 3 as moderate, 4 as poor, and 5 as very poor. We then process this static value with the user’s respiratory health in mind to determine what kind of feedback we should relay.

> Marker By using a marker, users are able to select any location on the map and get its air quality.

> Diverse to all users Instead of having the app disregard what health status the user has, our app takes into consideration the user’s respiratory health to give back the best possible feedback.

> Uniqueness Our app is unique due to its use of an API, accessing lots of data from monitor stations around the world. It then uses the static values from the API to relay a warning based on the user’s respiratory health.

> Security Before they can use the app, every user must register on the log in screen with their own choice of username and password. This way, every time they want to use the app, they have to log in using their individual credentials.

Theme: Community Computational Action

Track: Mixed Team


Automobile Organizer and Emergency Handler App ! Many times, we have witnessed and even experienced many vehicles accidents or even a vehicle which has been deserted due to a puncture or an empty tank, which occurs very often in India and we do not know where to find the nearest garage or a service center, and in case of an accident we do not have the information to call for help during emergency situations. Also due to geographical diversity, the roads of India are not fully modernized to cater to in case of emergency. Not all of the people of India have Electronic communication unit in their cars, but most of them have smart phone . The App is built keeping this segment in mind. So , this app helps those having cars without in-built electronic communication system where their smart phone does that work. This app can be used for cars, two-wheelers or trucks and buses. COMPONENTS USED: Firebase, Location sensor, Accelerometer, Extensions for using in-built microphone, list picker, date picker and many … No Login Needed now

AS AUTOMOBILE ORGANISER: This app will take care of all your vehicle’s documents like Insurance certificate, Licence certificate etc. In case you forget to bring it with you during a road trip or when you are going on a journey!! In addition to this, using a Firebase to store all the data. It also works for any model of the vehicle whether it is very old or the latest! Moreover, it also reminds you to pay your car bills and fines, and reminds you when your license, insurance, fitness certificate or the emission test renewal due!! You have full control of all reports and certificates you upload in the app, hence, you can change, delete or upload more certificates! Service centers, garages, mechanics, fuel stations list can be maintained for quick reach out and also nearby ones can be searched and contacted! FASTAG – automatic toll payment process for quick highway toll passing is also integrated in the app .

AS EMERGENCY HANDLER : ACCIDENT DETECTION AND AUTOMATIC MESSAGING WITH LOCATION We have a SOS button which when long clicked send pre-text messages with your current location to the first contact list saved in your profile while registering and also a pre-recorded audio call to India’s ambulance service 108 during an accident!! This feature is also automated , with the app computational algorithm [1] , which detects an accident using accelerometer sensor, inbuilt microphone[2] of smart phone and location sensor (for speed of car) . A Start Trip Button in the home screen when clicked, enables location sensor and the computation algorithm keeps monitoring, until stop button is clicked. Also, an additional control switch is given, which in ON state enables SOS messages and direct call to ambulance with text to speech message giving location sensor current address specifying the accident location. DISCLAIMER: Practical testing not possible for accident sensing . Only few hard surface tests done. Requires some more floor testing.

FURTHER SCOPE: Definitely extension of the idea to more real time data and integration with government traffic department and disaster management department can be done with more research. In short, this app is user-friendly, accessible and is one of a kind in its field due to the numerous features present in this application. Most of the features of the app works without internet. AutOrGency, works both as Organiser for all AUTomobile related stuff, as well as emerGency handler .

References: [1] from Research Articles • Chris T., White J., Dougherty B. , Albright A. and Schmidt DC.,” WreckWatch: Automatic Traffic Accident Detection and Notification with Smartphones “, International Journal of mobile network and application, Springer, Hingham, MA, USA • Car Accident Detection and Notification System Using smartphone by Hamid M. Ali, Zainab S. Alwan IJCSMC [2] Extension used to access android phone in-buit microphone: com.KIO4_VUmeter.aix Extension for UPI Payment.

Theme: Community Computational Action


Find and Set up pantries. Give what you can. Take what you need. Sustain the movement.

Communitry serves as a hub for community pantries to make their existence known to everyone who needs a helping hand and to everyone who wishes to extend theirs. With this application, pantries will not just be a mere bamboo cart filled with goods but also a place of hope. Most community pantry organizers are normal citizens: struggling financially as most people are during the pandemic. However, a lot of people recognize that some have it worse than they do and are more than willing to share what they’ve been blessed with to others. It is up to the masses to come together to sustain this beautiful movement of collective effort. Communitry allows this mutual aid to flourish amidst the pandemic by spreading word of newly sprung pantries and connecting organizers to other people using their own mobile phones. This app aims to spread hope by making this initiative as easy and as safe as possible to everyone who wishes to take action for their struggling neighbors.

Key features:

Locate nearby pantries Use the map to see all the established pantries around the world and to get directions for the nearby pantries around you. An input for a 6 digit code is also at hand to quickly locate pantries.

Article Screen Learn more about the community pantry movement in the Philippines and view a slideshow and highlights of the pantries.

Pantry Profile Create your own community pantry profile by providing its location viewable on the map, contact information of the organizers, and additional details such as which goods are available and which are scarce. Due to restricted movements, online transfer options will also be available if people wish to donate within the comfort of their homes. Lastly, photos of the pantry cart, location, and supplies could also be provided to make the pantry profile reputable for other users.

Register and Interact Complete the registration of your own account to be able to like and comment on the pantries on the Communitry app. This will ease other users by showing that a pantry is legitimate wherein real people are given help.

Theme: Community Computational Action

Smart Traffic Light Solution

Given the current ineffectiveness of the Hong Kong traffic light, we developed an IoT solution to shorten the traffic light’s waiting time to prevent jaywalking problems and save time for pedestrians and vehicles. Our app implements pressure sensors for monitoring the number of people with radio (potentially camera)for monitoring the number of vehicles. Note that in here, we also implemented the idea of smart car to facilitate future environment of smart city. Then, the data will be transferred to the internet module (we used esp32 in our model) to upload the data to the cloud database. After that, the data will be processed inside the AI2 algorithm to transfer back to the traffic light to turn green or red for a certain time. The algorithm emphasizes Light Switching Frequency (LSF) which is measured by priority index, number of people/cars, and expected traveling time. The side with higher LSF can cross. The model is easily scalable since the same method applies to more complicated use cases. The app serves as an interface for monitoring the traffic besides the algorithm processor which can be useful for Hong Kong Transport Department. Also, by the mass data collection in the cloud database, further optimization can be done for the traffic lights and waiting time.

Theme: City of the Future


According to a national study conducted by Michigan Medicine’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, 46% of parents report their adolescent has shown indications of a new or worsening mental health problem since the pandemic began in March 2020. Communication is something that lots of parents and children struggle with, and it has only become more important recently. Many studies acknowledge that kids who express their emotions and talk about them are less likely to develop depression. Many teens find it difficult to open up to their parents freely. As a result, parents must find ways to encourage their children to express their feelings, particularly when they are not feeling well. Unfortunately, many children put off discussing their thoughts with their parents until it is too late. Open talks about a child’s emotional condition can help them avoid developing a mental health issue or thinking about suicide. Creating a digital platform may allow children to connect through their device and communicate more comfortably with their parents.

Vividly aims to address this dilemma by providing a platform for teenagers and their parents to interact through technology to facilitate important communication. Furthermore, Vividly is an important tool because the most popular mood tracking apps – Reflectly, Manatee – have not adjusted to the unique demands of a parent-child relationship. These apps are not targeted to the parent-child relationship and the questions in those apps are not customizable. Our app addresses this demand of complementing the unique relationship by providing users with customizable questions and an answer platform where the parent can access the child’s responses.

When you first open Vividly, you are welcomed and then after 5 seconds brought to the profiles screen. If it is your first time using the app, you will need to click the add profiled button to create an account. If it is not the first time using the app you can select a profile (parent or child) and log in. The app contains two options for profiles with different functions. A parent profile allows for adding questions and viewing their child’s responses. There is also a help or go back button on many of the pages for the user’s convenience. The help button contains a FAQ style page with common questions and easy explanations to solve many anticipated issues.

If you were a child using the app you will follow the similar process of logging in except through the child’s login. Once entering the app you will be greeted with a screen prompting you to select which mood you are currently feeling. Then the child will be brought to the “Talk to Viviana” chat screen where the child can express why they are feeling and answer questions given by their parents. Through using this technology the burden of communication becomes something attainable and even easy.

Vividly will greatly benefit parent-child relationships by providing a tool in communicating easily without causing any anxiety or fear associated with confrontation. While many teenagers struggle with interacting with their parents and creating a safe space through valuable conversations, we hope Vividly will ultimately aid in forming these bonds and to lead a happier, healthier, and closer community overall!

Theme: Community Computational Action

Zombie Apocalypse Tracker

Our app, Zombie Apocalypse Tracker, aims to prepare people for many things, including a zombie apocalypse, seemingly the least likely event to happen. Our app was inspired by theme one, a world in the future. This app could be used as an idea for almost anything in the future to keep civilians safe, not just limited to zombies. In any case, it is good to be prepared.

First, our app has a home screen. This main screen branches out to the four other screens; the medical support screen, police support screen, the map screen, and the tips and guidance screen.

When clicked on the ‘Medical Support’ button, you will be directed to a page with a few options. You can return to the home page or call an ambulance. The next two options will be to either get a help/problems list or a symptom check. If you choose the first button, you will get a list of things like illnesses, or how-to’s, like CPR. If you aren’t sure of what illness you have, there is also an option of clicking checkboxes with symptoms, and all illnesses associated with that symptom will pop up when the enter button is pressed. There is also an option in switching in between English and Spanish to be of aid to as many more users as possible.

On the Maps screen, we have displayed a map of LA and the surrounding area, where we are basing our app from. It has three different maps, hospital, police station and Zombies and you could see each of them by clicking a button at the top of the screen. Also it shows you the live location of you on the map so you can see which is the nearest hospital/police station and where the zombies are. In order to simplify the app design, the zombie map is color coordinated so that the user can instantly see where it is dangerous and where it’s not.

On the Tips and Guidance screen, there are multiple buttons that lead you to survival information and information on zombies. These screens all have useful information such as; how to identify and kill a zombie, how to start a fire, how to make/find shelter, etc.

And finally, on the Police Screen, one will be able to call for help from the police if they are in danger. You can also report a zombie spotting/file a report, or trigger a distress signal.

To conclude, in a world where the future is so unpredictable, one must be prepared for anything, as absurd as it may sound. Although our app is technically meant for the future, it can still be utilized today. It poses as a source for information and entertainment, while still being relevant to the world.

Theme: City of the Future

Track: Adult

Bright Cleaner

Virtualizing drying and washing machines.

  • Bright Cleaner -

Problem to solve: We continue to throughout working machines just because of missing functions and we continue to use outdated working machines with limited climate control.

Every year, 26 million new drying and washing machines are sold. I want to make it easy to upgrade and reuse machines. AND make it possible for manufactures to make cheap, easy to repair new GENERIC hardware. My contribution to our local community is to make it easy to refurbish and Smart enable any drying machine.

Bright Cleaner is drying machine independent!

How? I made the drying machine virtual with an Arduino board build into the dryer and moved all controls and buttons to an app! All wireless using BLE and Wifi.


  1. Arduino board build into the drying machine with BLE.
  2. Android phone with an app to control all functions/heater/motor of the dryer. BLE and Wifi.
  3. Android app to remote control the dryer.


  • Refurbish of any dryer
  • Access from ANY development platform with web-DB access
  • Programmers have total control of drying and washing algorithms
  • Works both online and offline
  • Focus on low CO2 emission
  • Reuse of outdated hardware
  • Easy day to day use
  • Design new algorithms with building drying language.

When? Please see the short video of my Proof-of-concept 😊

Next! Make Virtualizing hardware small and cheap and make it open source.

Let all of you connect your own apps to the infrastructure and contribute to exciting new drying algorithms, cool-looking apps, and new ways of controlling the drying process for the good of the local community.


  • BrightClean_0721.aia is the control app. BLE to Arduino controlling the physical machine and Wifi to Google Firebase.
  • BrightRemote_0721.aia is an example of a drying remote control app with a focus on CO2. It will suggest a delayed start if it will save the earth co2. Done by locking at live forecast for energy production and how the energy is produced.

Theme: Community Computational Action

Chemical Equation Balancer

This is an Academic App, it’s named CEB, means Chemical Equation Balancer. It can help you to balance a chemical equation.

In this app, the chemical equation will be displayed at the top of the screen, you can click the checkbox to open a Molecular formula list and select the reagents and products. There are 4 reagents and 4 products at most. You can move the thumb of slider to change the factors of each molecular formula in the equation. When you have written a complete equation, you can click Check button to check your answer. If your answer is right, a right mark will be shown, and if your answer is wrong, a cross sign will be shown. At this moment, you can press down the hint button to look at the right answer. You can click the reset button to write a new chemical equation.

This app joints chemical, math and computer science together. First of all, you should change a chemical equation to linear equations, then change the linear equations to matrix, after that, change the matrix to list of App Inventor, finally find the solution if linear equations. Fortunately, the chemical equation is real exist, so the solution can be found.

The difficulty of developing this app is finding the solution of linear equations. It’s a hard job!

Theme: Improving Academics


Elementx, is digital element directory. A app where students will every information about elements of periodic table. The comes with a simple and minimal UI, easy to use and understood, works fully offline.

The app has a center information display, where information related to the selected element is shown. A small summary about the element and properties overview as well. Its covers almost every needed property of the element.

In current pandemic period, study’s has been changed dramatically, the way we used to study chapters/topics has been changed. Everything is available on internet for me. Elementz is also a small contribution the that. Students/teachers can use it for free and even without internet connection. It makes study a bit easy.

The UI of Elementz is well designed and minimal, and very easy to use. All the info is displayed in front and all the function buttons are at bottom to ease the UX.

Theme: Improving Academics

Love Parcel

Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected the economy of many countries. Many people need help to sustain their normal life due to loss of job, unstable income or lost of income provider in the family. Many organisations and elected representatives are generous to provide food aids to the needy. This is an app for charity organisations to receive request from people for the items needed In this app, requestor can select the items they need according to the category food, grocery, kids’ item and medical item. There are some common items in each category for selection and requestor can leave message for items that are not in the list. By a click on the Submit button, the request will send to the organisation. With this app the organisations can manage the stock for food aids better as from the requests received, they will know which items are needed more donation. At the receiver end, it helps to avoid wastage as they receive what they really need and can even ask for some uncommon item.

Theme: Community Computational Action

Moon Abode

In the future, humans have built a colony on the moon. Their houses are built under Kevlar domes and maintained by a series of complex systems that provide air, water, food, and power.

The Moon Abode app is an app used by the people living on the moon to monitor and maintain their houses. It has three main elements:

The Live Status screen shows the readings of sensors and the statuses of various vital systems in the Moon Abode. For example, it shows the power levels of the batteries, the amount of drinking water available and the percentage of oxygen in the air. In addition, it allows users to turn on and off various systems as well as control them. For example, people can control the lights, shades, and temperature of the Agridome where plants are grown.

The Moon Facilities screen allows people to communicate with various entities around the Moon Colony through email. Users can send an email to request maintenance and repairs, for waste management needs, and supplies. The user can also press the emergency button and call the emergency department directly.

The community tab allows users to read and post announcements so that everyone is aware of what is going on in the community. In addition, users can post communal tasks such as cleaning common areas, harvesting plants, and planning a game night. Then, other users can browse the tasks, decide to complete some, and mark them as done.

The icons used in the app are created by Freepik (Moon Icon), Pixel Perfect (Live Status Icon, Facilities Icon), and Surang (Community Icon) and they have been downloaded from

Theme: City of the Future

Photo Translator

Have you had any difficulties when you went abroad?

When you want to talk about something, you can easily translate it into a foreign language through a translator if you know the name of it in your native language.

But what if you don’t know the name of the item? Then you’ll be frustrated and embarrassed.

Don’t worry! Here’s a ‘Photo Translator’.

Even if you don’t know the name of the item, the photo translator automatically finds the object in the picture. And you can translate it into the language of the country you want.

You can translate Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thailand and Russian.

Also, you can hear objects with foreign language pronunciation.

It’s not just that!

Understand the correlation of objects in the picture and explain what the picture is about. You can know what the picture is about as well as the names of your objects.

It has become difficult to go abroad due to Corona 19. I hope to use this ‘photo translator’ as I can travel abroad after the coronavirus is over soon. You will be able to communicate with foreign friends in a better way.

Thank you.

Theme: Improving Academics

Track: Adult Team


Hello everyone!!! our theme is to create a science app to improvise our academics and our motto is to have a partnership in discovery. Click the login button and type your username and password. If you’re a new user sign up first and then login. Here you can see our logo, so you’re invited into our app. Click the home button to return to our homepage. In physics there will be topics related to physics subject. on the top left corner of the screen there is a switch in which you can change the screen from light mode to dark mode and on the right you can use minimize and maximize button there you can change your font size to your likable. Likewise in chemistry and biology there will be topics related to their subject and there also you can change light mode to dark mode and can change your font size. In Facts page there will be some facts regarding science and then you can pick a fact from any of these. There is also a quiz section. In Library if you pick any University you can see their location of that University’s library and it’s website. This app also includes a game for relaxation. In this game the scientist should catch the objects if we missed the objects he will lose the hearts. In video we included some videos regarding science.

Theme: Improving Academics

EV App

In the fastest-growing Electrical vehicle manufacturing, it’s difficult to find the EV CHARGING STATION. So EV APP will help us to locate the nearest charging station, (i.e, Residential charging and commercial).

If you select the residential charging station then you have to connect your app with the residential charging meter through Bluetooth and charge your vehicle. Once charging is done you need to do the payment.

Theme: City of the Future


Design background and ideas: The voyage to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492 was the initiation of a great population exchange between the New World and the Old World (=Europe and the entire Eastern Hemisphere). Apart from all the benefits of this exchange there have also been significant losses. European contact enabled the transmission of deadly viruses and bacteria, such as smallpox, measles, typhus, cholera?etc., and since native populations had no previous contact with these diseases, they were immunologically defenseless. This tragic event led to a demographic disaster of unprecedented proportions. It is estimated that 80?95 percent of the Native American population was decimated within the first 100?150 years following 1492 (Newson, 2001). Our team has envisioned a future where Mars has been colonized and the bidirectional imigration between Earth and Mars constitutes a quite common hobby. In this context, it is proposed that the damaging radiation and environmental conditions prevailing on the Red Planet, have caused higher mutation rates in the DNA of Mars shelters. Over the years, the mutations that survived, passed down through generations, and natural selection led to a huge diversification in the martian colonies, too. However, the most significant outcome is the fact that the immune system of Martians and Earthlings are now completely different, rendering the physical contact between subpopulations of the two planets a deadly choice! Since communities are now paying attention to history, and they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes again (like the extermination of Native Americans from the European germs), the I.H.O. (Interplanet Healthcare Organization) has set specific rules for the distance that should be kept between the different subpopulation groups facing this problem. So, we have built an App that is going to help future Martians and Earthlings adapt better in their new city, after inter-planet population exchanges, while following all the safety rules of I.H.O.

App functionality and directions for further improvement and development:

Our App helps the citizens of a city, keeping the necessary distance for health safety reasons. The first idea was to detect the nearby devices using Bluetooth, but multiple connections were not possible due to the platform limitations. We used the CloudDB instead, where we can upload the GPS locations of everyone. However, it is not escalating for many users. With a better Bluetooth support the algorithm could be improved and overcome this problem. There is also an interface implemented that could provide the ability to connect by providing call and texting options among the users.

In addition, our App addresses the issue of being served in public services and overcomes the issue of social distance in interiors, by helping the citizens booking appointments in convenient hours. The App displays available and not available reservation slots according to each user?s profile. Because this kind of functionality would require a lot of users, we have chosen to display an example where some of the available reservation slots of the services are already occupied.

Finally, we have envisioned the inclusion of some extra details in the App, with sensors that will be able to inform the user about different environmental conditions of the planet such as: temperature, humidity, UV radiation, gamma- radiation, O2 concentration etc. Sensors could be functional in the future when such kind of devices will be common in the users. Although our App is designed for a future use between Earthlings and Martians, it could also be helpful nowadays. For example, in specific cases that social distance should be kept like: in a pandemic crisis (e.g. Covid-19), between people with Cystic Fibrosis (that should not come in contact with one another), people with suppressed immune systems, and even with people exposed in nuclear radiation or radiation therapies/tests.

Theme: City of the Future

Safe Family

Our happy society can be affected by uninvited disasters. They could be unexpected Floods, Earth Quakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Storms, Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Pandemics like Covid-19.

Developing countries suffer the greatest costs when a disaster hits – more than 95% of all deaths caused by hazards occur in developing countries, and losses due to natural hazards are 20 times greater in developing countries than in industrialized countries. (World Bank)

A disaster can become a serious problem for a family in a short time. It can cause widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses. It can exceed the human ability to survive.

When a disaster struck first, or during its effect, the first thing we want is to know where our family members are. We urgently want to establish group communications with them.

Safe Family App : Safe Family Mobile App aims to help locate family members during a disaster and enable live communications.

Safe Family Mobile App provides a simple and perfect solution for family members to locate each other and start communicating during a disaster. The app facilitates users to set up a group, add their google accounts, automatically provide location information and engage in live chat during a disaster.

This app is designed to support multiple languages.

A member needing help can broadcast his needs and request help. Their live location information obtained from GPS is shown on the map, updated every 30 seconds. Each user is marked using a specific color for identification.

Other uses of the Safe Family Mobile App are many. Any group making a trip to an unknown location like forest or mountain hikes can keep track of members of the group. It can be used in rescue operations during disasters.

Limitations : This app is currently a prototype, it is designed for a single group, consisting of up to 7 members. This limitation was due to time constraints in development and limited features and knowledge of the development platform. It was successfully tested in Sri Lanka. The app uses a cloud and firebase database designed for a single group of 7 people. The ideal app expects to support unlimited groups and members.

How to use :

  • Open the app and wait for GPS to come alive.

  • Goto Manage section clear the databases

  • Clear - DataBase get cleared

  • Tap Add and add a user from google account.

  • Select preferred color for the user’s location marker.

  • Add User.

  • Use Update change user settings.

  • Goto Find Section and you will see all members on the map.

  • The Chat section provides a live chat facility in any language.

  • The help screen provides a guide to the Safe Family App.

Privacy : Any user can opt-out of the group at any time.

Testing :

This app is designed with a testing facility with a single device. Any device with multiple Gmail accounts can be used to simulate multiple users. When doing so the app adds a small fraction of latitude and longitude modification to users. The testing can be switched on/off from Find Section.

Future : The Author aims to develop the SafeFamily App to support multiple groups and unlimited users.

Credits MIT App Inventor TiFunGoogleAccount Extension App Inventor Community for Knowledge Images on videos from creative commons sources Lonely - A Shamaluev Music (For Video Presentation)

Yamuna Rathnayake Lead Educator

Niranjan Meegammana Lead Educator

Shilpa Sayura Foundation

Theme: Community Computational Action

Smart Communication

We have created this app to overcome the communication with phonetically challenged people, this app has two features: Communicate and learn sign language

Communicate screen has speak and understand options. Speak option will convert your voice into sign language using images Understand option will observe the signs via camera and convert it into text and speech in real-time.

We believe our app can make the society a better place to live in where communication will never be an issue.

Theme: Community Computational Action

Smart Kid Safe Kid

Our Aim for the App was to create an app to bring awareness to kids for their safety if facing any harassment like physical, emotional, sexual abuse at their home, school, play area, or wherever they go. So for that what actions need to be taken & if stuck at any place or with a person scan image & send it to your contact with your location or you can send it to child care. Our first screen provides features of signup and login. If you are a first-time user, click on signup and you already created a login, then scan your finger for login. Once you do signup, you can contact for an emergency your parents or child care, and also if you are with someone, scan an image and send your location to your contact list When you directly log in with your fingerprint, you can learn about types of abuse and what to do if you suffer from any images provided, or by watching the video you can contact your parents or call child care.

We hope to help kids to be more smart and safe in this world where we use more smartphones than learning from books.

Theme: Community Computational Action