Based on over 1000 reviews of 312 apps by our international team of judges, the following projects were selected as finalists. We have reproduced the descriptions of the apps as submitted to the judges (with minor edits to preserve privacy). Apps are listed alphabetically within a track, i.e. order is not significant based on the first round of judging.

Over the next few days, the MIT App Inventor team will more thoroughly review these finalists to determine the top three apps for each track.

Table of Contents:

Track: Youth

Alpha Droid

AlphaDroid is an Application designed specially for children diagnosed with Dysgraphia. It is a deficiency in the ability to write, primarily handwriting, but also coherence. Dysgraphia is a transcription disability, meaning that it is a writing disorder associated with impaired handwriting, orthographic coding, and finger sequencing.This App mainly consists of tracing games which are an aid to the children suffering from dysgraphia.

Dysgraphia is a learning disability to write and spell.It is a deficiency in the ability to write, primarily handwriting, but also coherence. It is a transcription disability, meaning that it is a writing disorder associated with impaired handwriting, orthographic coding and finger sequencing.

In adults, dysgraphia is a sign of damage to the parietal lobe of the brain. Many neurologists and psychologists address dysgraphia as a form of dyslexia.

Dysgraphia is known to be caused by the lack of a rather complex set of motor and information processing skills. With this app, a dysgraphic child will be able to improve his/her writing skills with the help of letter-tracing games, stroke tracing, and number tracing and will soon be able to write eligibly and put his/her thoughts on paper.

Theme: Learning or Working Remotely

Category: Game


This app is targeted at underprivileged kids who do not have the resources to learn music as well as for students whose classes has been canceled due to COVID-19. This app is intended to spread classical music and introduce kids to the world of classical music, providing music theory lessons, fun games to practice and hone in their skills, and introductions to classical composers and instruments. The goal of this app is to make music education affordable for all in a fun and engaging way online that students can access at home.

Theme: Learning or Working Remotely

Category: Education

Covid-19 Info

This app is a great information provider for the user as well as a great source of getting volunteers for an organization. The app has a menu based design making the app quite easy to use.

It provides the user with a quiz (which is strictly based on WHO guidelines) and after the user has answered the quiz, it tells the user whether he or she shows severe COVID-19 symptoms or not.

The app also provides statistical data to the user. It shows global statistics as well as country specific data to the user. At the same time, it uses Web Viewer to show news related to COVID-19 in these countries.

The app also has the functionality of showing the users the volunteering events which the organizers have put up. The organizers can put these volunteering events by submitting a form present in the app. This form asks for all the information which the user will need to reach to the volunteering destination as well as contact the organization for further info. (The volunteering events already included in the app are dummy events and are made for the purpose of testing). When a user chooses to opt in for the event, the event is automatically added to a list of volunteering events in which he/she is expected to participate.Similarly,the event which an organizer creates shows on his screen with other events he has created.

The app also has some blogs related to COVID-19 which would provide the user with necessary information.

Overall, the app has an easy to use interface and solves the problem of getting volunteers while providing the user with important information.

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: Reference

Happy Box

Even as we all battle the Covid pandemic, here is a sobering thought. The No 1 cause of death in the world is hunger. Aids and cancer follow. 1/3rd of the worlds hungry people live in India. And they go hungry because they are too poor to afford their meals. Over 150 to 200 million Indians sleep hungry every night.

A study done by French researchers found that on sunny days, 22 percent of people were willing to help out, whereas on cloudy days only 14 percent were willing. Timing is everything when asking for donations, and science shows that right after meals is the best time to get a yes. Psychology Today looked at the difference in how prisoners were sentenced after lunch and later in the day. They found that the judge was much more lenient after lunch. After the lunch break, 70 percent of prisoners were granted parole, whereas in the late afternoon that dropped to only 12 percent.

Heres another fact. The fastest growing market in the world for online food orders is India. Over 3 million orders every day, growing at 5% every month.

So what if we tried to reach people who were just about to order in a meal, and hence likely to be in a good frame of mind, and give them an easy and convenient option to ensure that at least one less person goes hungry because of their effort or contribution.

And to make this really work, involve restaurants who produce food at scale, and NGO’s who work with the poor part of the process.

Introducing HAPPY BOX.

An food aggregator app or maybe better still a movement that seeks to feed the poor through a unique concept that is enabled by the app. Customers get more choice by coming to Happy Box to place an order instead of multiple food delivery platforms. And given that they are likely to be in a good frame of mind, appeal to their sense of good at the time they place their order. In phase 2, once the food delivery apps see traffic from our app, we are sure they will allow direct straight through access. Happy Box will be a common standard meal made available at close to cost by participating restaurants. We will reach out via food delivery platforms to these restaurants and ask them to make the Happy Box available. Given that they are doing this at no extra cost, we see many restaurants signing up. We also help them manage the fulfillment process by giving them an interface where they can indicate the number of boxes they have available for the poor and hungry people. And we provide a connected interface to NGO’s who have clearly the interest to help the disadvantaged to volunteer their resources for both pick up, as well as delivery of these Happy Boxes to those who need it. Over time, we think it is possible to bring in better coordination through GPS and location coordinates as well as involve the delivery personnel of the food delivery platforms to deliver to the poor shelters etc directly. A help guide for each part of the value chain is available on the app in the relevant page.

Over time, as we attract more customers and therefore more happy boxes, we will start to publish rankings of restaurants by Happy Boxes delivered, kind of our version of Michelin Stars, so that we promote those to our customers, making it a win for all.

Happy Box helps to bridge the gap between those who have and those who don’t. And our dream is that one day, in the very near future, even if one out of every 100 orders made online in India result in a happy box, it could mean EIGHTEEN MILLION MEALS PER YEAR delivered to the people who need it the most, the Poor. And best of all, this idea is scalable, and global, and in a world where ordering in will become the norm for some time to come, this is a great opportunity and idea to create public good out of that , and serve those in need, and alleviate poverty. Thank you for the opportunity.

Theme: Ending Poverty

Category: Food & Drink


What is the app all about?

I have created an app that aims to give a break from “all-things-covid.” It combines the themes of Heath Care and Learning/Working Remotely. The idea behind the app is to encourage the users to strike a balance between physical heath and emotional well-being which is of utmost importance in uncertain times like these. The app is all about spreading good vibes and positivity and hence the name ‘Vibes’ seems a perfect name for it.

How does the app work?

• When you first open the app you will get a quote by Jana Kingsford. When you tap the image you will be directed to another screen Wellness, where you will be asked to enter your good name. Insert your name and click on enter, a message “Hi there, (name) + Hope you have good day” will be displayed. A series of self-care images will keep flashing in the center if the screen. At the bottom you will have 4 options to choose from: ENDURANCE, MEMORY, LANGUAGE SKILLS, EMOTION.


• When you click on Endurance, an animated, motivating brain gif doing pull-ups will be displayed along with 4 different challenges such as: SKIPPING, PUSHUP, CRUNCHES and JUMPING JACKS. When you click on any of them, their animated, motivating gif doing the exercise will be displayed along with 4 different timer options: 30, 60, 90, 120 seconds. If you click on 30 the timer will begin along with the numbers being dictated out loud.


• This feature comprises of a flip game and tips to improve your memory option. Flip game is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. When you click on Tips to improve, tips to improve memory will be displayed along with their explanation.


• This option consists of two things: one being 30-day language challenge and another being ted talks. When you click on 30-day language challenge, 30 different tasks will be displayed along with check-boxes. When checkbox 1 is ticked, only then checkbox 2 will be enabled and when all 30 check-boxes are ticked and Finish button is clicked you will see a notifier congratulating you on completion of the challenge. Along with that you will hear a voice congratulating you on for the same. When you click on Ted talks a list of options will appear and when you click on them you will be directed to a YouTube video of the same.


• This feature consists of a self-care checklist and again a 30-day happiness challenge. In the first option you will see 12 different tasks along with all the days and their check-boxes. When you fill the report and click on generate results you will get your score out of 420. A notifier will be displayed and along with that your result will be voiced out. Similarly, the happiness challenge has 30 different tasks to encourage you to engage in emotional and mental care. When checkbox 1 is ticked, only then checkbox 2 will be activated. The completion of the challenge will be accompanied by the notifier as well as a voiced out message for the same.

So, this was all about the technicalities of the app. Hope this app succeeds in fulfilling its motive of spreading positivity and enabling people to create joy for themselves by delving into self-care routines especially during delicate times like these. Thank you!

Theme: Learning or Working Remotely

Category: Health & Fitness

We Are Family


The Covid19 pandemic has caused not only health but social and economic crisis too. People are losing jobs and income, with no way of knowing when normality will return. Those below the poverty line were badly affected and couldn’t afford the basic necessities. On the other side of society, are those who are able and well to do and can withstand the financial distress when work is less and jobs are greatly at a loss. In times like this, any help from them will be an angel to those severely affected.

How do we help those people affected badly by poverty? How do we link and create awareness? Kindness begins with me and we can take action immediately. We can donate money, food, used items and be a volunteer to help out during events. We wish to help the most vulnerable of society, from the hungry to those in poverty by providing services along with compassion. We Are Family is a unique app to connect the people to help the people in need, alert, connect and spread the spirit of humanity during this difficult period.


Are you worried about your next meal? For the homeless and underprivileged however, this tends to be a constant concern. Some old folk homes and orphanages face issues on the food supply due to the pandemic. A charity network needs to be formed among the community. We Are Family is an unique app to connect the people in need, alert and enable everyone to get involved.

> Live update on activities via map

This app has unique markers on the map with live updates. Many people aren’t aware of the unprivileged groups in their area. The location of the underprivileged groups will be identified. It will help to revive the network and support reach-out to the needies.

> Crowd-sourcing

This app supports the underprivileged groups of people. My app allows the well to do community to donate their items through crowd-sourcing.

> User friendly markers

My app is simple and user friendly. Every map marker is added to represent Support activities. Those who wish to donate reusable items can share their location and contacts easily. With crowd sourcing capability, the amount of reusable items can be channeled out to those people in need. The actual map location gives an overview of all the support activities and what are the items available nearby.

> Promote Caring Culture

This app highlights the needs of the underprivileged groups of people. It alerts the public and brings the joys of sharing amidst our blessing.

> Functionalities

-Live updates and crowd sourcing of the support activities in the map -Airtable as database -Users have the options to be observers or with login. -9 Support activities reveal all the markers with exact location on the map. -The information of the Support activity will be displayed. -Users can contact the donor by clicking their email address.

>Support Activities:

Angel: The location of the people who are in need. You will be an angel to them. SoupKitchen: The descriptions, volunteerism and website are available that enable participation. Recycle: Recycle used items via recycle centres. Foodbank: Donate food to Foodbank. Furniture: Give their furniture a 2nd life. Books: Your old books can be your neighbourhood library! Clothes: Give away your old clothes! Computer: The poor students will not be left out of the online classes with your donated desktop! Others: Anything else that you wish to donate.

> Uniqueness

Our app uses “any components” and “for each item in list” block. These blocks are used to handle large amounts of data from the database and converted into sections. Together with ‘procedure’ this makes the program easier to debug and understand, and reduces errors as much as possible.

Theme: Ending Poverty

Category: Navigation

What Are You Doing

Everyone, please allow me to ask you a question. Have you missed your friends as you can’t meet them during the lock down period? It is funny that even though we are living in the same community, but we can’t see each other for so long!

I really missed my best friend, Oscar. As I am still young, I am not allowed to text my friends or call them to check on what they are doing. But sometimes, I’m just dying to know how they are doing. I really don’t wish our friendship to fade. I want to invent an app that solves this problem.

After much thoughts, I have come up with this app called W.A.U.D. It is actually a short form for what are you doing. The main feature of this app is to update us on what our friends are doing in real time by updating their status in the app. For example, if a friend of mine is playing Minecraft, he can just click on the Minecraft icon, and the rest of us will know that he is playing Minecraft.

The objective is simple, I want all children at my age to be able to stay connected with their BFFs.

If you want to download my app, you may need 2 phones to test out the real time function. There is also a help icon on the home screen that it will tell you more about how my app works. Download my app today to stay connected with your friends!

Theme: Living Together

Category: Kids

Track: Youth Team

Climate Catastrophe - Earth in Dearth

Ever noticed that it is getting hot at the wrong time of the year, it is raining too much in some place and too less in others, farmers are finding it hard to grow crops and animals are finding it difficult to look for food.

Unprecedented wildfires, flooding from glaciers, stronger hurricanes, fiercer snowstorms, and harsher droughts are being commonly reported. Many natural and human induced factors have led to this. But if we ponder and pause, we find that there is a common thread running through all these mishaps.


Our App is a humble attempt to protect the planet – an appeal to show up and make a difference.

This App is created by Ayush Sankaran and Jashith Narang, two 10 year old boys from Mumbai India who are very passionate about coding and making a change in the world!!

This App is a step towards encouraging and urging everyone to undo the harm and save the planet.

This App is an effort to educate kids about Climate Change and its repercussions.

This app is an endeavour to inspire kids through interactive quizzes, engaging games, advise vis-à-vis carbon footprint and a tribute to the young Climate Activists.

Lets Wake up,
Lets Show up,
Before the time is up,
And Let us Learn, Test and Play the App- “Earth in Dearth”!!!

Theme: Climate Change

Category: Kids

Our Aid

In Greece, it often takes a long time for an ambulance to arrive, so we decided to create an app which, if you encounter someone in immediate need of care will call someone with first aid training to your location. This app is meant to aid the community by creating a network of people with first aid training, that could provide assistance to injured persons until E.M.T.s or doctors arrive at the scene. This application can be used by both people with first aid training who would be willing to provide aid as well as individuals who want to be ready an emergency situation.

This app is supposed to be downloaded by multiple people. If one person is in need of first aid he can press a button which will notify all the people who are nearby and have stated that they are capable of providing first aid. They will receive a message and then they can rush to help the ones on need. Also one can read first aid instructions, however the app is not targeted at that.

We have created it using the CloudDB so that the people can be notified if they are in close range, which range is determined using the coordinates that we get for the Location Sensor. We have taken care so that even if it used simultaniously by people on different places of the globe there will not exist any disfunction. We have used innovative ways to store the data on CloudDB and we can assure you that even when our code seems ineffective and unessecerily complex, that happened because there was absolutely no other way to achieve our desired result. That is the case because, as you well know, there are certain limitation in the App Inventor that one must find unorthodox way to avoid.

When the SOS button is pressed, the application on people’s, who can help, phone’s check whether their position is in close range and if it is a notify is popping up and their phone number is sent back to the phone of the person needing help, for an SMS to be sent to the helper. The helper can choose to accept or decline the call for help, and if he accepts it, his position is sent to the one needing help and is displayed on the map and a number of how many people are coming to help is displayed. Also if he accepts he is directed to a map showing the position of the one needing help. One can also retract his decision to help and the number of people coming to help is decreased.

Multiple variables and controls are used in order to ensure that everything works properly and that no confusion will be caused if two or more people push the SOS button simultaneously.

In order for you to discover the potential and use our application as it is inteded to be used, you should install it and run on 2 separate devices. You should run it at the same time and press the S.O.S button on the one and watch for the notifier and the SMS on the other. Please make sure that the text on the top of the application screen states the Location Sensor is working properly, since depending the device it tends to lag and not work properly. Also, please restart the application on both phones after you submit for a single time the info in the initial page, because there is an error displayed, when the SOS button is pressed, that although doesnt affect the operation, is annoying. You should do that for only the first time you use it after the installation.

The app can work when kept open on RAM, but will not work in the background, as no app created with App Inventor can do that. But not to worry, there are plenty of applications allowing you to force run apps in the background that can be used to keep it working on the background and for the people wanting to help to be informed. So yeah it can absolutely work in real life.

As for the way one can use it you can watch the video and we believe that our code can be understood. We hope that are code is not too messy for you to understand it. Pleas keep in mind we created it wth nothing but a wish to help our community.

Theme: Living Together

Category: Health & Fitness

Prevention is Greater than Cure

In the fight against COVID 19, keeping ourselves healthy and increasing our immunity is the only way to protect ourselves. WELLNESS in Physical, Mental, and Spiritual terms is essential. The statement ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ is so perfect. So we created a unique and innovative concept ‘Wellness quotient’.

This app motivates the user to improve his Wellness Quotient through the use of various features in the app like exercises, walking, talking to friends, staying positive, eating healthy etc. Each of these features has been assigned a score and the app calculates the Wellness Quotient based on the scores obtained on each of the features. The user is prompted to improve his Wellness Quotient. And improvement in Wellness Score means improvement in general health leading to better Immunity.

The features of the app are

  1. Walk/ run: Pedometer
  2. Meditation: YouTube videos
  3. BMI; Body mass Index calculator
  4. Mind Games: ping pong game to improve concentration
  5. Chat bot: Auto chat feature for engagement
  6. Exercise: AI based yoga trainer
  7. Quiz: WQ questionnaire to quiz on three pillars of Wellness
  8. WQ: Wellness Quotient calculator
  9. Share: Social Share to share the WQ achievements
  10. Help: More information on how to use the features

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: Health & Fitness

Safe Bite

After months of quarantine because of COVID-19, restaurants are slowly reopening. Yet how do customers know which restaurants best follow health regulations, especially for individuals at higher risk?

SafeBite addresses this dilemma by providing a platform for customers to review restaurants’ compliance to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 safety guidelines. Furthermore SafeBite is an important tool because the most popular food review apps – Yelp, Google Reviews – have not adjusted to the unique demands of COVID-19. Our app addresses this demand by complementing existing sources and providing users with specific information about physical distancing, sanitation, and other safety measures restaurants are using that are crucial to keeping customers and employees safe during the pandemic.

When you first open SafeBite, you are welcomed with a browsable list of restaurants near you. Each restaurant’s individual page will include a rating that focuses on COVID-19 safety criteria based on the CDC restaurant reopening guidelines. On the screen you will find a breakdown of the restaurant’s safety rating based on 3 major categories – physical distancing and environment, sanitation measures, and additional safety measures. Finally, once users decide on a restaurant, they can easily copy its address and find its exact location in their favorite map app.

All ratings are user-generated; to leave a review, simply click “rate” and check off the criteria that the restaurant meets. The scores are derived from the average of 15 criteria within each subsection and then presented to the user as a value out of 10. Users can also leave additional comments in the comment box and then press “submit” to see their review. All restaurant data, including names and addresses, are gathered from RapidAPI’s free Trip Advisor Restaurant Web API. MIT App Inventor’s location sensor component is utilized to display results for the “Search Nearby” function. The color palette and graphic designs displayed in SafeBite are all original creations of the alGIRLithm team. They are perfectly catered to the overall app experience, allowing for easy transitions between screens, as well as a simple, user friendly navigation system.

In addition, while many restaurants have changed their serving method to outdoor dining, takeout, delivery, order-ahead, or curbside pickup, it is unclear what specific services restaurants offer. To combat the confusion, we plan to implement the information convenientinently on the restaurant page. In the future, we will add user authentication and profiles for users to view their activity.

SafeBite will greatly benefit reopening restaurants by providing customers with reliable information that restaurants are being safe and following CDC protocol. While many people are still skeptical about purchasing food from restaurants, we hope SafeBite will ultimately ease their concerns and lead to a healthier, happier, and well-informed community.

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: Food & Drink


We got the idea for this app when we saw our parents developing health issues by sitting in front of the computer all day long for their office work. My mom started getting chronic back pain while my dad’s blood pressure shot up to the point where he had to go to a hospital.

Our app provides the following microbreaks:

  1. A walking break to stretch.
  2. An object hunt that takes you around the house looking for the objects asked for by the app. The more items you find, the more points you get.
  3. News channels to scroll through, that show only positive news and have you feeling positive.
  4. Peaceful pictures to calm your mind.
  5. A chance to meditate with some soothing music.
  6. A stress relieving ‘poke balloon’ game
  7. A treasure hunting game.
  8. A therapy bot to confide in and share with others

Our app uses the following additions and special components:

  1. APIs like the unsplash API and the google chart API
  2. The ai.look extention for image classification
  3. Various options to share messages with your family and friends
  4. The web viewer to view different news channels

So use this app to TakeYourMicrobreak!

Theme: Learning or Working Remotely

Category: Lifestyle

Track: Mixed Team

COVID-19: Rumo à Vitória

This application was developed by Team Guardians of the Code in July 2020 and it has three main objetives:

  • Present COVID-19’s data in the state of Rio Grande do Sul-BR;
  • Display guidelines for prevention according to health organizations;
  • Display news about the disease.

These three contents are based on state government websites (if the Portuguese language is chosen), World Heath Organization (if the English language is chosen) and third-party APIs that are opened and properly cited within the application itself. The objective of the project is to gather information and present it in a practical and accessible way for the population of Rio Grande do Sul. In addition, it is understood that information is the main form of prevention against the virus, because a vaccine, until the first half of July 2020, was not avaliable for population. Moreover, if this application be useful for at least one person, the goal and satisfaction of the developers has been achieved. The union in this critical moment of the world history is essential.

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: Medical

Let’s Live Together

In this social era where everyone is getting separated from each other and joint families are turning into nuclear families, we, The Team Makers Duniya has developed an app to bring back the separated families together again and to help the old and the needy children find the affection they need.

This is the key idea of our app, Let’s Live Together. To start with we have given an idea of what is the need for Living Together and also to know how to analyze the situation so that it leaves a great impact on the user. We have also included GPS systems for locating old age homes along with orphanages. We have tried to spread awareness through various games and quizzes. If the user wants to know about the developers they can go to the screen on about us. We have also made a section named vaccine tracker. In that app we have a total of 4 screens, the first screen has 3 options- vaccine tracker, vaccine registrations, and vaccine passport. The second screen(vaccine tracker) also has 3 options- vaccine phases, vaccine tracker, and vaccine data. The third screen (registration) will require you to fill your detailed information about vaccination by uploading valid proof as mentioned on the form. The last and the final screen is a vaccine passport where you can show detailed information about vaccination in the central database.

In case your name is written in the database, then on your passport is shown having green color in the background whereas, the passport is red if you have not taken vaccination. The vaccine passport will be inside this app which will be very useful while traveling and visiting any social gathering.

It gives an idea to all others about your vaccination status. At the same time, it is a very useful and handy tool to carry in your mobile.

The app also has some other games which will teach you a lot of basic morals of living together.

Theme: Social and Racial Justice

Category: Kids


Our app, LivingTogether, focuses on helping to keep the peace between roommates who are now around each other more often due to COVID-19. It helps families and suitemates keep track of whose turn it is to do what chore as well as when others may not want to be disturbed because of calls or meetings on the Today page. If food, snacks, or supplies run out, they can be added to the shopping list on the Shopping page so the next person who goes out shopping already has a list of what the household or apartment needs. After returning home, they are prompted with the Coming Home protocol, which lists the steps they need to take to reduce the risk of transmitting anything they have picked up while they were out to the people they live with.

Some key features of the app include a messaging page and groups. The Message page allows roommates to communicate with each other within the app. This helps with reminders of payments such as their share of the grocery bill and rent/utilities, letting each other know about some current pet peeves, or just chatting and planning. Each household/apartment using the app will have a group. When the user first opens the app, they are prompted to sign in or create a new account. After this, they can either create a new group for their household or join an existing group. After joining the group, they will have access to the shared shopping list, today page, messaging page, and the coming home protocol page.

Theme: Living Together

Category: Lifestyle


Our App is aimed at younger kids and is designed to help them learn their spellings. The App is designed to be used with an adult or older sibling. There are three levels that get progressively harder and each level has the same design. Alphabets at the bottom with a clear button,check button and sound button,which puts the word in a sentence, on top along with an image of the word. You can also shake the screen to hear the spelling of the word if you are really stuck. Once all three levels are completed the user has to complete a final test which is more like a fun mini game after which they can take a picture of themselves and see it on the app on the victory page.

The inspiration for the app came as me and my team are both last year high school students and the pandemic has brought up a lot of uncertainties but when we looked at the bigger picture we realised that the people affected most are the younger kids whos crucial years of education are being spent at home. Both me and my partner speaking english as our second language and being particularly bad at spelling, we thought this was the perfect app to make.

All media and graphics used in the app were made by us on paint and nothing has been taken from the internet.As we were first time coders with zero hours of previous coding experience we did find it difficult to do sections of our app specially since we both live in different countries but we got there in the end. We hope you enjoy our app and thank you for the opportunity.

Theme: Learning or Working Remotely

Category: Education



Want to do some good deeds by donating to the poor but have a hard time doing it because there are lots of transactions to go through and you don’t really know what they need ? We’ve got you covered.

By using our app Volunteerz, we link people who want to give and people who need help together. Our app acts as a platform so that those with excess resources can give away what they don’t need, and for the poor to get notified (through a guardian) on what is offered to them.

Our app is created to better allocate resources for the poor. The app offers options so the user can choose how they want to help. There are two options you can choose which are, to ask for help (become a guardian) or give help (be the giver).



In the app, there is a news feed which displays requests from the poor (through a guardian) and also contributions from the volunteers. There is a menu button which displays three options - “I want to give”, “I need donation” and “History”.

Create Request

There are two types of requests.

  1. ‘I want to give’ for givers who have spare items that they want to find an outlet to donate. These requests are represented as blue-ish in colour.
  2. ‘I need donation’ for guardians who are seeking for items on behalf of those in need. These requests are represented as red-ish in colour.

Accept Request

As a receiver (guardian), you can click on requests to accept the donations from volunteers. As a giver, you can accept requests that you are able to help provide the requested items. Once accepted, you are then able to contact the other party through the email. Note that currently only one person can accept a single request.


Once signed in with an email, you can view all the previous requests that you have made. This is helpful for you to keep track of which of your requests have been accepted and those that have yet to be.

Summary on how to use the app in four steps

  1. Check the News Feed Stay updated with what other people in the community have requested.
  2. Create Request Want to ask for help? Click on “I need donation”, key in the details and wait for volunteers. Want to donate excess resources you have? Click on “ I want to donate” , key in details and wait for someone to accept the donation.
  3. Accept any Request Find a request that you can help with? View the request and click accept!
  4. Connect Time to contact the requester using the email provided and arrange the next steps forward!


Giver: Users who have spare items in which they wish to donate

Guardian: The representative who would be receiving the goods to distribute to those in need

Requester: User making the request (Can be giver/guardian)

Accepter: User that accepts and fulfills the request (Can be giver/guardian)

Theme: Ending Poverty

Category: Lifestyle


Our app is part of the help we can provide to people who may not have the necessary support or company in these times of lock down. Even for those people who are not usually too tech-savvy, either because it gives them respect or simply because they don’t like it, video conferencing has become a very useful tool for staying connected with family and friends.

But not everyone has their friends in the digital world. Some people may find themselves able to use a video conferencing app like Zoom, thanks to the ease of use, but not having any interlocutor on the other side to talk to. We do not have any affiliation with Zoom and the users of our app can use any other platform if they wish. It is designed for people who want to kill time, or who want to learn something new, or make new friends. It is an application that can be easily installed on any electronic device and that everyone can use, since it is clearly understood.

The first time you walk in, it makes you choose a nickname that you want people to see, the language that you want to speak in video conferences and the country where you live so that other people know your time zone. If another day you want to change something in your profile, you go to settings and you can change it.

After saving the settings you enter the main page. The next times you enter you will go directly there because your profile will already be saved and will not ask you again. The last questions that people will have asked will appear in the center of the main page. If you tap on any question, the profile of the person who created it will appear, how many score stars it has, the category of the question, the level of difficulty and finally, the person’s schedule. At the top, a search bar will appear so that you can search for a term and only results that contain it will appear. Next to the search bar is the options menu. If you open it, you will get the options to change your profile (as we have mentioned before), go to see the meetings you have scheduled with other people or go back to the latest questions that people have posted.

Finally, at the bottom is the option to create a question. You should fill out the following form: what is the question (eg how are tomatoes grown?), What category is it (eg gardening) and what difficulty do you think it has in your opinion (eg easy), since you could be an expert in gardening and wanting to talk to another expert like you; and fill in the schedule that works for you (e.g. from Monday to Friday, every afternoon) so that the other person can make you a proposal during that time.

Theme: Living Together

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Track: Adult

Árbol Desos

In the present project, a prototype of a mobile application for Android devices is developed using the App Inventor programming environment as an educational tool for the distribution of the methodology developed in the “Roadmap for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from an individual and analysis of their contribution to the mitigation of climate change”. The objective of the methodology is to reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) from routine actions with which, in addition, there will be an emission saving and an economic saving subsequently used to pay for emission reduction measures that they need an investment of money for their activation. The result of the project consists of the prototype of the application with a simple user interface where energy, transport, waste, water, food and compensation measures are implemented with the graphic representation of the results weekly.

Theme: Climate Change

Category: Education

Bipolar Control

Bipolar Control allows you automate your daily routine by living with bipolar disorder. Application has four main functionalities: You can associate your medicines, and classify them according their toxicity levels. You could set alarms to remember the dosing (But it does not work in backgroud). You can graphic your medicine levels and your mood states.

You can also take a survey about your mood. And press an emergency button if you considere it necessary.

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: Medical

COVID-19 Analyser

It’s a app that uses a api to retrieve data of information related to the cases of corona virus,and loads dynamically.

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: News

COVID-19 Hong Kong Information Center

Firstly, the goal of this App is to provide live information of COVID-19 to app users in Hong Kong.

By extracting the COVID-19 database from HKSAR, the first feature of the app is to have live walking alert that shows warning if you are within 20 meters to the infected locations. The locations are marked with a red dot and you can have more information by pressing on the marker. Only markers that are close to you will be shown in this first feature.

The second feature of the app is to show all the infected locations within 14 days in Hong Kong on the map. You can have a overview of the situation in Hong Kong. Again, you can know more by clicking on the markers.

The third feature is directing user to the Hong Kong government COVID-19 news webpage. You can read the latest news here.

The final feature is to read the database in a list view. You can check the case number and the infected locations together in a list.

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: Navigation

Lost and Found

This is an application that helps you find lost items. This application allows users to register acquired items or search for lost items.

When registering acquired items, we use image analysis technology. When the user takes a picture of the acquired object with their camera, the application analyzes the object and names it.

The position of the user-acquired object can be registered through the position sensor. If the location sensor does not work, you can enter the address directly.

You should also describe how you can find lost items so that you can contact someone who has lost them.

The information you have registered is stored in the storage of Google Firebase and in the realtime database.

The person who lost the item can search for it in the list picker on the main screen. The location of the item is shown on the map. Click and hold the marker on the map to view detailed information about the item.

Theme: Living Together

Category: Utilities

Track: Adult Team

Accompany with Memory

Design background and ideas:

According to the global dementia report of 2018 by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), there were about 50 million people globally suffering from dementia disease with growing rate of almost 10 million people per year. The same crisis also happens in Taiwan and there will be increasing 36 people with dementia disease per day in the future 47 years.

As found in some studies, the incidence of depression for family caregivers of dementia patients is around 40~50%, among which 20~25% is diagnosed as severe depression (Lavresky, 2005). In Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), a research found: 176 pairs of “dementia patient” – “family caregiver” during 2007 and 2012 that the mental health symptoms of the family caregivers play a critical factor to predict the mortality of People with Dementia (PwD) (Lwi, Ford, Casey, Miller, & Levenson, 2017). On the other hand, once the PwD die, the family caregivers usually fail to get out of the bereavement grief. Therefore, to cope with dementia disease, though the first thing is to slow down the deterioration of the disease, it’s also important to pay attention to caregivers’ mental health and their grief adaption in case of post-deterioration of PwD.

Reminiscence Therapy (RT) is a kind of non-drug psychological therapy which could slow down dementia, social isolation and decline in happiness by evoking personal life experience and emphasizing the retention of mental intelligence rather than existing obstacles. This APP is designed to combine the “connection” between PwD and caregiver with the effectiveness of RT with the expectation to help promote the mental health for both PwD and caregiver.

The reason why the name of APP is “Accompany with Memory” :

  1. The memory of the past is the reminiscence nowadays while the current shared experience construction will be the memory in the future;
  2. With the dyadic relationship between PwD and caregiver, they can accompany the counterpart with memory in the past/present/future no mater they are at each other’s side or not.

Features and purpose of “Accompany with Memory” :

This APP is made to be the first APP as an intervention on mental health for both dementia patients and their family caregivers through the construction process of sound memory (via text, voice, and images) and the records of psychological/mental tests, which combine technology and humanity, to effectively promote the health state for both dementia patients and their family caregivers.

Applicable users of this APP:

  1. People with Dementia and their family caregiver
  2. The elderly and their family caregiver
  3. Dementia research related organizations and researchers

Due to the time limit and technique restriction, there are still certain directions for further improvement and development in the future.

1-a. In this version of APP, we can only use “Role Selection” to identify who the current user is, PwD or family caregiver

1-b. Future improvement: To include the matching mechanism of identification and coding, such as the Pwd and family caregiver of dyad XX, into the login process.

2-a. Currently, the all types of data or files collected in the APP are stored in different database.

2-b. Future improvement: Based on the data property, plan a specific Cloud Drive and database for data access in a more streamlined way to simplify the programming.

3-a. In current version, there is no function for user to edit or delete the data/file sent. Besides, no messaging function designed.

3-b. Future improvement: To add various editing functions. Furthermore, add function for Pwd and family caregiver of the same dyad to have a more convenient way to make interaction and sharing.

Theme: Living Together

Category: Lifestyle

Covid with Hope

Due to the misinformation of the people and the refusal to follow the sanitary measures of the Secretary of Health, a large number of infections and deaths have occurred. Because they do not respect confinement thinking that the virus does not exist or that it will not affect them if they are infected.

Our application gives an opportunity and hope to the people who are caught in this pandemic.

It consists of various tools that can save lives.

Through timely information and a friendly bilingual interface.

It allows having basic information about the disease and the location of places where it is possible to attend.

Theme: Health Care (e.g., COVID-19, mental health)

Category: Health & Fitness


This application is about social and racial injustice that we are witnessing in the recent days. There are plethora of social injustice happening in our world in which we covered some injustices which are Gender inequality, Ageism and Racism. We named our application as “Erace” because we want to erase racism and other social discriminations through our app. The main aim of our application is to create awareness among people. we included daily quotes and sign in page. We also included Quiz about discriminations. Petition screen to join a protest. Newsfeed to know the recent news about injustices and included social media links. Facts screen is like a mini wiki where we added facts about unsung black heroes. In IAT test you can take a personality test under different categories. Bingo is a game for gender imbalance, you can also share the template using share button. In Map we added some NGOs location along with their website. We added some valuable videos in Video section. SOS will call the police if you click SOS and shake your mobile. Share button will share our application. Hope you like our Message we added in this application!

Theme: Social and Racial Justice

Category: Education

Governmental Feedback App

The goal of our project is to develop a customer feedback app for mobile devices. In this application , the customers can view the mobile device and deploy their opinions on the selected product. The valuable feedback provided by the users will noted and displayed for future analysis. This mobile application will help the business owners to interact and understand their customers more precisely and use the drawbacks to consolidate their product and for maintaining the company’s growth in this economic pandemic situation. This app puts a lot of emphasis on the basic necessities that would be useful in all kinds of pandemics and this app parameters are dynamic so it can be used for the government purpose relating to feedback ,after normalcy is restored! This app can be improvised in accordance with the parameters of the countries willing to implement this.

Theme: Better Resource Allocation (e.g., water scarcity, natural disaster response)

Category: Utilities

Traductor Mbya

Mbya guaranies are the native inhabitants of the North-eastern region of Argentina, as well as Paraguay and South of Brazil. They have their own culture and language, which are strongly related to the search of the “yvy mara’ey”, land in harmony with all the elements in nature.

Currently, 8223 mbya guaranies live in Argentina in more than 120 different villages. Most of them still choose natural environments to live in, committed to their roots. They grow their own crops, build their own houses and usually give birth to their children in the rainforest. However, when the aid of Argentinean Health Care System is required, language becomes a huge barrier as physicians are Spanish speakers only.

In here, we present an App that will be able to help Health Care professionals working in intercultural areas to provide a humanized, warm assistance to mbya guaranies attending a Hospital Service. Doctors will have the App on their phones so that they will be able to translate simple questions and common medical expressions to mbya guarani language. The App will display the translation as an audio message in return, so that the patient can listen and reply. The patients will reply yes/no questions as well as those answered with counting fingers or by pointing. Especially for children and teenagers that have been raised in the wildlife, Hospitals can be perceived as a bit hostile. In these cases, being able to understand what the person (stranger) in front of you is trying to say or not being able to, can make a big difference.

Given the heterogeneous nature of mbya guarani language (related to geographical factors), the App was developed in a way every one willing to participate as a translator can help the app to grow. This way more dialects will be included and more people will feel themselves familarized with the app.

Theme: Social and Racial Justice

Category: Medical